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Uwoyela is an oil pollution control specialist that offers state-of-the-art environmental technology & specialised environmental products to an international market, empowering the environmentally sound
clean-up and rehabilitation of potentially hazardous hydrocarbon materials. 

While the company began 15 years ago in South Africa, Uwoyela’s phenomenal growth has seen them expand their presence and operations throughout Africa and into the Middle East – and outgrow their on-prem internal infrastructure.

We often find that, as a small-to-medium business grows, a complete rethinking of technology approach is necessary to get to that crucial next level. 

This is the position in which Uwoyela found themselves in 2017, as they considered Geek Managed Service’s fit for their future tech needs.   

Needing a managed services provider with proactive, human-based service delivery, Geek Managed Services was brought in to assess Uwoyela’s technical environment and provide recommendations for preparing their infrastructure for future success. 

There was an immediate synergy between the teams as Geek Managed Service was delighted to encounter a customer who was already aware of the benefits that Cloud could bring – and ready to be guided into that new frontier. 


After a handover and an assessment phase with Uwoyela’s various stakeholders, Geek Managed Service was able to produce an assessment report that demonstrated areas of vulnerability, opportunities for progress, and a roadmap in which Uwoyela would consistently experience better efficiencies over time. 


When Geek Managed Service first engaged the oil pollution specialist, Uwoyela’s international team was being supported by an on-premise server that hosted most of their software needs. 


From a technical assessment, Geek Managed Service found that Uwoyela’s on-premise server was nearing the end of its usefulness and would only last 6 more months. 

In addition to the physical drives constantly failing, the server was vulnerable to security threats as its operating system, Windows Server 2003, had reached end-of-service and was no longer receiving software patches. It was clear that this server would need to be decommissioned. 


Next, in getting to understand the various stakeholders within their dynamic business, Geek Managed Service found that many of Uwoyela’s finance team connected to this server from elsewhere in the world. Team members from their Geneva, Switzerland, office worked in conjunction with their South African colleagues on their accounting software daily via TeamViewer to the server. 


Apart from the concerning server issues, processing batch accounting transactions via a remotely located on-premise server was sluggish and frequently timed-out, resulting in failed transactions and wasted precious time. 

Even more frustratingly, the Geneva team needed a dedicated desktop provisioned at HQ, and always kept on whenever they needed to work. Geek Managed Service's knew that the ideal solution to Uwoyela’s server woes would be a swift and seamless move to cloud. 


Geek Managed Services swiftly provisioned the necessary resources for Uwoyela’s customized Sage Pastel services within their own private and secure Microsoft Azure environment. 


Next, all Uwoyela’s valuable financial data and transactions were migrated, followed  by a review process in which the Finance team collaborated with Uwoyela to verify that the new environment worked as expected – and contained all their data and services. 

Within a week, Uwoyela’s accounting system was now in the Cloud available for any authorized person to access from anywhere – with the added benefit of 2x processing times and a 99% reduction in failed transactions. 


Uwoyela’s Ms Juanita Coetzee was delighted with the results: “ Geek Managed Service performed our migration in a diligent and professional manner, and have continued to offer us professional and personable services.”

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