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  • Fibre

  • Microwave Wireless

  • ADSL

  • LTE

  • MPLS 

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  • Infrastructure & Cloud management

  • Outsourced CTO services

  • Virtual Geek

  • Procurement

  • Third Party Management

  • Training

No complex jargon, no ambiguity, no hidden costs. Just a friendly, human, customer focused approach that delivers every time.


Our approach to technology and to your IT challenges is to design solutions underpinned by real human behaviour. We are driven by our curiosity and desire to meet our customers unarticulated and unmet needs with great technology!

Stay above and beyond the rest


Geek Cloud helps you start smart, get ahead and stay ahead, so you build a sustained competitive advantage


Your human technology partner


Geek Patrol offers a range of services and solutions which are tailored and bespoke to each and every clients' needs. Our solutions are underpinned by real human behaviour and are designed to drive innovation and productivity throughout your organisation.

IT service, infrastructure & cloud management

We pro-actively monitor and manage our client's environment and services to ensure that issues are spotted in advance, that capacity and change risks are professionally managed and that the IT experience meets our client's exacting standards. Wherever you are on your journey to the cloud, you can be sure your business is stable, secure and efficient.


Outsourced CTO services

Geek Patrol aims to fulfil the role of your organisation's CTO (Chief Technology Officer) - with our ability to innovate and build solutions that ensure your capital is utilised to its full potential as well as ensuring that your organisation's technological demands are met with strategic ease. We will map out and execute on your technological road map and assist your team to navigate through the digital space in the least resistant way possible.

Virtual Geek

Geek Patrol's managed services offering is built on the foundation of our Virtual Geek product. Our Virtual Geek software enables us to monitor and re-mediate various issues that arise in your IT environment in a pro-active and seamless way. We are able to reduce downtime, enforce IT compliance and automate processes across your entire environment, which enables us to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your systems.



We have an in-house procurement team who is able to assist with all device management, replacements, repairs and recycling. With in-depth industry knowledge and long-standing partnerships with South Africa's largest technology groups, we are able to tailor solutions and source products with ease and at preferential rates.

Third-Party management

Our expertise can extend to all aspects of your organisation, to include services that third-party's deliver such as applications, telephony, networks and print solutions. This approach simplifies your relationship with technology by appointing Geek Patrol as your single point of contact for all your organisation's technology needs.

Thumbs Up


We believe in taking a human approach to all technology and will provide end-user training to enable your team to work with more efficiency and with less fear in the tools they have.

Geek Connect

As a 25-year-old ICASA licensed ISP, we are able to provide tailored connections from Fibre, ADSL, Microwave Wireless to LTE. Making sure that your business is always online!