Apple Announces “Apple Spring Loaded”

Apple has recently aired their first major product announcement of 2021, “Apple Spring Loaded”. Unlike the usual events that Apple hosts, their spring announcements tend to be a bit more of an “anything goes” format. In previous years, the announcements have been quite varied - anything from new high spec iPads to announcing new in-depth service strategies. 

To see what this tech giant has in store for us this year, let’s consider what they have showed off so far this year.

The New iPad Pro:

Apple unveiled its newest iPad Pro tablets, and they come equipped with the same M1 chips seen in the most recent  MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini. The 12.9-inch model has an upgraded display that uses 10,000 Mini LEDs, and as Apple calls it their new “Liquid Retina XDR” display. 

The new iPad Pro tablets are both already up for order with the expected physical release to be towards the second half of  May 2021.

The Redesigned iMac:

Apple has now debuted a completely redesigned look for their iMac range (which also features their M1 chips). They have been thinned down, feature a 24-inch screen, inbuilt 1080p FaceTime camera and come in seven different colors. They’ll also come with a new wireless keyboard that includes Touch ID for secure authentication. This new range is also available for order sharing the same release time frame as the new iPad Pro.

New Apple TV 4K and Apple TV Remote Redesign:

The new Apple TV will support HDR content and  AirPlay will now support high frame rate HDR for watching your iPhone 12 videos. Another interesting feature the company has built into the new Apple TV is that you are now able to use your iPhone's camera to scan your TV's color balance, and then give that data to the new Apple TV. In turn, you should see an improved picture quality and colors without having to tune the TV yourself. The Apple TV remote now sports a completely new fresh design. There's an iPod-like circle for scrubbing in a video. The power button to control your TV and the Siri button are both now on the side of the remote.

Apple Air Tags: 

The new item tracking tags from Apple have finally been released. These nifty gadgets (clocking in at about the size of a R5 coin) can track anything they are attached to, meaning that you can easily track the item conveniently from your iPhone. These can be customized with your choice of Emoji or text. The tags tracking feature is accessed natively through your iPhones “Find My App” feature.

Your iPhone will also provide visual, audio and haptic feedback in its process of guiding you towards your lost item. Never lose your keys again, thanks to this handy little gadget!