Choosing a Secure Password

Password play a vital role in keeping our bank accounts, email addresses, devices (and a ton of other things) safe. At some point, we have all had to create a password; it’s a requirement of modern life to have them and they won’t be going away anytime soon. With this in mind, it’s worth knowing what is a safe or “strong” password and what isn’t; as well knowing why some are and others aren’t.

How to choose your password

You have no doubt at some point been prompted to make a more secure password when creating an account. Perhaps you been given a randomly generated one that looked like if you were to memorize it, would push out all the useful information from your mind.

There is a reason for passwords becoming so long and complicated and that is “Password Entropy”, the information held in a password and how unpredictable that information is.

Things such as dictionary words with limited characters (a length of 8 or less) and no special characters or different cases contain very little bits. Things such as L33t Sp3@k (the act of substituting letters with numbers and special characters) are actually just as predictable and just require a different dictionary.

Now, that doesn’t mean your password has to be impossible to remember because it has to be a very long string of random characters and letters. In fact, as shown in the comic below, you can have memorable strong password with many bits of information in them.