Microsoft Intune: the way to go for Cloud Device & Application Management

As a result of Covid-19, many organisations have not returned to the office or have permitted only a few of their employees to return to the office in order to align with the social distancing regulations enabling the rest of their workforce to work remotely.

The need for remote monitoring and management of company devices have been on the increase since the start of lockdown, as well as the need to ensure secure data access from many different locations.

There are many third-party tools that cater for this compliance need. However, there are only a select few that allow you to manage everything from one endpoint - one of them being Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based management tool for desktops and mobile devices with a purpose to help a business empower your employees with access to corporate data, resources and applications of their choice whilst protect company information.

Overview of Microsoft Intune
Overview of Microsoft Intune

There are a couple of ways to approach device management.

First, you can manage different aspects of devices using features that are built into Intune. This approach is called Mobile Device Management (MDM). Team members "enrol" their devices and use secure certificates to communicate with Intune. As an IT administrator, you can push company apps on devices, restrict devices to a specific operating system, block personal devices, and more. If a device is ever lost or stolen, you can also remove all data from the device remotely.

In the second approach, you manage apps on devices. This approach is called Mobile Application Management (MAM). Users can use their personal devices to access organisational resources. When opening an app, such as Outlook or SharePoint, users are prompted for additional authentication. If a device is ever lost or stolen, you can remove all organisation data from the Intune Managed applications.


The benefits of Intune:

  • Device choice: Provide employees with the ability to register, enrol and manage their devices (Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android) as well as install corporate applications from the self-service Company Portal – all from the devices of their choice.

  • Unparalleled management of Office mobile apps: Maximise productivity by enabling your employees to access corporate resources with the Office mobile apps they know and love while applying policies that can help prevent leakage of company data.

  • Data protection: Secure corporate data, including Exchange email, Outlook email, and OneDrive for Business documents, based on device enrolment and compliance policies set by the administrator.

  • No infrastructure required: Eliminate the need to plan, purchase, and maintain hardware and infrastructure by managing mobile devices from the cloud with Intune.

  • Enterprise integration: Extend your existing System Center Configuration Manager infrastructure through integration with Intune to provide a consistent management experience across devices on premises and in the cloud.

  • Flexible licensing: Spend less time counting devices with per-user licensing for Intune. Intune is also included as part of the Enterprise Mobility Suite, the most cost-effective way to acquire Intune, Azure Active Directory Premium, and Azure Rights Management.

  • Global presence with 24/7 support: Get answers to your questions with Microsoft support available online and by phone worldwide – included with every Intune subscription.

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