Our plan to keep supporting you

Our intention to preserve the good health of our team and customers does not impact our commitment to providing you the Human•Tech•Solved service on which you've come to depend.

In fact, we know that the single most important contribution that we can make as individuals, as a team and as communities, the one thing we are in control of, is ensuring that the spread of this virus is slowed down and buffer the time our health professionals have to resolve the situation.

While it is indeed a challenge to practice complete social distancing while providing you with the services that you depend on to keep your business operational, these are the measures we have put in place over this phase.

a) Call-outs & Meetings

  • If a call-out can be done remotely, it will. You can still expect the friendly, diligent service to which you've grown accustomed.

  • If a call-out cannot be undertaken remotely, we will work with you to schedule this call-out for a day when your office environment is relatively quiet i.e. when you're holding fewer meetings or when more of your team is working offsite.

  • Any other type of meeting you might expect from a member of our team will be undertaken telephonically.

b) Call-out Procedures

  • When arriving at your office, our Geeks will follow a process that includes wiping down machines with a sanitiser, wearing gloves and/or masks when necessary, and using hand sanitisers. This is to help ensure both the safety of your team and the safety of ours.

  • While special precautions may be taken when interacting with individuals who may be statistically at-risk, such as the elderly or unwell, we implore our clients who may be at risk to practice social distancing as an added precaution.

  • Upon arriving back at home-base, our Geeks will without exception wash their hands and sanitise their equipment so as to reduce risk when returning to our environment/home.

c) Geek HQ Precautions

  • Back at our headquarters in Umhlanga, our team has undertaken additional measures since the beginning of March, and will be increasing those efforts.

  • Every team member has access to hand sanitiser which is being used without exception by everyone entering and exiting our offices.

  • All communal areas and objects are being disinfected at least twice a day.

  • Our workshop area in which we work on client computers are being disinfected more regularly.

As it stands, we are experiencing, and ready for, business as usual.

For now, you can expect these measures to be in place until the end of March, but this may change based on new data and/or recommended precautions.

We will keep you informed through the following mechanisms:

  1. The Chat channel in your Geek MS app,

  2. Our Social media channels,

  3. A phone call if your requests will be directly impacted.

For further information, please feel free to connect with Selina Naidu:

086 000 4335