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Teams across the globe are moving to remote work.
But what's the best way to collaborate?

We now know that, as individuals, as companies and as communities, the single most important contribution that we can make to our country in resolving the Covid-19 pandemic is to slow the spread of this virus through social distancing. Working from home is now a reality for many against contracting and spreading the virus.

Microsoft Teams can empower your team to chat, collaborate and stay productive.

And what's more, the Microsoft Teams application may already be part of your Office 365 licence - or you may qualify for free usage!

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Our commitment to being of service to you.
Essential Tech Services during Lockdown

As your technology enabler, it is our privilege to keep you online and productive while every South African honours the national plan to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

For the duration of the national lockdown, our team is fully equipped to work from home and to complete all requests that can be actioned remotely.

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