Stay safe from cyber-threats this shopping season

November brings two of the busiest days of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are massive retail events where you can find the best deals ahead of the silly season; a shopping extravaganza that comes with potential security risks.

Eager shoppers are not the only ones browsing around for a good deal. Cyber-criminals will use the busiest shopping period to take advantage of online shoppers through scams, both direct and covert - which means we each need to take steps to protect ourselves.

The number of phishing attacks triple around Black Friday, placing consumers at risk through innocent-looking links over email, text and even social media. And it doesn't stop there: smart scammers even create and launch malicious websites for the occasion.

In today's digital world, no one is immune from cyber-theft as the security landscape is constantly evolving. Consumers are being urged to 'shop smart': avoid oversharing credit card information online and remain vigilant of your banking transactions to rapidly catch unexpected payments.

To help you prepare, read on for a few practical tips to stay safe during your online shopping, and try out our free Home Tech Assessment to make sure your home network and devices are safe and secure.

- Selina Naidu, Operations Manager

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