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We live in rapidly changing times, especially for media owners. Competing for your audience on digital platforms is now a must.

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While aging technology platforms are a serious hindrance, they aren’t the only communication problem companies deal with. Upgrading can be a crucial investment, but communication technologies rapidly shift, making it difficult to determine what your company might need.


Inventory management can be extremely labor-intensive. In many companies, it’s a manual process that requires someone to check products by hand against a paper document or, at best, an Excel spreadsheet.

Not only is the process time-intensive, it also carries a high potential for human error. Beyond individual products, it’s also extremely labor-intensive to gather aggregate data for strategic planning and reporting. A costly and inefficient process.


Grandpa’s generation certainly didn’t have to deal with terabytes of data or worry about what to do with it.  

Keeping safe and extracting insights from the ever-increasing amounts of data your company produces needs to be in the hands of a qualified professional who can help you get the most return from that data.


Look around your office, how much paper do you see? That paper is slowing you down. 

Document management and capture tools can digitize your documents, placing them in one secure, easily-accessible document repository. Now, instead of rummaging through filing cabinets or your hard drive or your email looking for the latest version of a document, you can find the information you need in seconds instead of minutes or not at all.

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Azure Migration


Uwoyela’s phenomenal growth
has seen them expand their throughout Africa and into the Middle East – and outgrow their on-prem internal infrastructure


Microsoft Office 365

R&G Consultants

A combination of the growing firm's infrastructure requirements and the crippling effect of a ransomware attack necessitated a move to cloud. 

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