There is no doubt that the healthcare industry is a data-intensive one. Geek Managed Services is ready to help.

You need digital transformation to be able to continually deliver services that are demanded.

Technological advancements are empowering consumers every day. Organizations around the world are realizing that customer satisfaction is the key to success in this highly competitive business landscape.


This is the first challenge patients face. Many of them find it challenging to book an appointment due to their location or dearth of time at hand.

The level of inconvenience rises further in case they are seeing multiple consultants as it becomes even more difficult to keep track of all the appointments.



The pain grows further when it comes to registering for the appointment. In large healthcare centers, in particular, it is a tedious task for the patients to check in, and find the right department for consulting.

What makes it harder is the inability and impatience of the medical staff to attend to the needs and preferences of individual patients, given the limited number of professionals to cater to all patients. 


 There is no clarity in the expense structure and they don’t get a lot of cooperation from the providers in resolving insurance claim issues. Additionally, their feedback generally doesn’t get the due attention.

Another concern with payment and settlement is that the most of the current healthcare models have limited payment modes for the patients.

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A combination of the growing firm's infrastructure requirements and the crippling effect of a ransomware attack necessitated a move to cloud. 

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