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Legal Firms

A law firm should capitalize on new opportunities that pop up while also working on overcoming the obstacles so that it can stay ahead of other law firms.

Transform your legal institution into a next-generation business

Cybersecurity is becoming a big issue, and hackers have started to target an increasing number of institutions. Hackers target law firms since they possess exceptionally confidential and valuable information that hackers can use for monetary purposes. 



The amount of sensitive data law firms handle make them a prime target of cyber attacks. Poor data management can leave your firm vulnerable to threats including phishing/hacked emails, ransomware and data breaches, which bring along additional compliance risks.

As a law firm, you must take measures to eliminate the possibility of a data breach by ensuring that your information including personal data is secure.


Clients expect law firms to be more efficient and deliver value with legal services. This means you need to offer high quality services at reasonable prices so that your clients are satisfied. 

Implementing the right technology to do the basic yet important tasks can substantially improve law firm efficiency. When you no longer have to worry about keeping track of your cases, billing and your due dates, this saves you time to focus on your client.


One of the main day to day activities of a corporate legal team is managing the review, negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts. Contract drafting is therefore one of the key areas that legal technology innovators have successfully addressed.

Over the past few years a number of products and services have entered in the market with strong acceptance. By improving their ability to manage, store and produce contract documents they can help their organisations operate more efficiently.

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Azure Migration


Uwoyela’s phenomenal growth
has seen them expand their throughout Africa and into the Middle East – and outgrow their on-prem internal infrastructure


Microsoft Office 365

R&G Consultants

A combination of the growing firm's infrastructure requirements and the crippling effect of a ransomware attack necessitated a move to cloud. 

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