Public Sector

The governments of nations around the world have responsibilities to their citizens. For example, they need to encourage economic growth, keep their citizens safe, and provide public services. 

Advances in technology can help, but challenges must first be overcome.

The challenges faced by the public sector have intensified over the last few years. The demands on public services are evolving rapidly, as the way people interact with the public sector changes, together with their expectations. 


Like all office-based organisations, government employees want the ability to be able to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. But many continue to be hampered by outdated data-sharing protocols and legacy systems that limit their physical movement and, therefore, the ability to access information and ideas.

One could argue the most straightforward long-term solution lies in the cloud, to enable workforces to access apps and work from anywhere, on any device or network, without compromising on security.


The volume and variety of cyber threats today cross all sectors and industries. Increasingly, federal, state and local governments are targets as hackers, organized criminals, foreign countries and others attempt to steal or manipulate sensitive data.

Cyberattacks often target government networks to gain access to sensitive personal information of citizens and employees, as well as proprietary software, strategic plans and other information. The challenge for any agency is to identify threats and vulnerabilities, invest in risk mitigation and continually assess and improve cybersecurity efforts.


While the public sector is seeking economies of scale in the consolidation of larger, integrated contracts, managers are keenly focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of single tasks and services.

The ongoing challenge for public sector managers is driving efficiency from an increasingly complex working environment.

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