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Our interactive virtual workshops and training sessions are brought to you by Geek Managed Services' team for an in-person experience.

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How to improve your Home Internet experience


With more of us busy getting our work done from home, a reliable internet experience has become essential. We spend a good deal of money to provide our family with the best-known connectivity provider, but most of us don't know what to do next so that each person and each room in your home is fully connected.
If you're tired of poor quality video ruining your important online meetings, or just frustrated of having to be the household IT support - come join us and have your questions answered.​​​​​

This workshop is for YOU if:

• There are often multiple people connected to your home network at a time.
• You work from home often and need to access your office servers securely.
• You run your business entirely from your home or are thinking of starting an online-based business.
• You create and stream video content on the internet.
• Your children need to study or complete assignments from home.

Replace Your Phone System with Microsoft Teams


The transition to remote work has left businesses reevaluating their collaboration tools with many benefiting from Microsoft's cloud calling options.

The way we communicate has completely transformed in the past few years. Workplaces are now more diverse and global than ever with five generations working together and 72% of workers predicted to be working remotely this year. Businesses need to adapt to these changes to communicate and collaborate effectively. 

For your business to achieve fearless growth, you need to unify your communication and collaboration to fit the needs of your employees. 

How do you overcome this? You'll find your answer in Microsoft Teams. A solution that allows you to centralise the meetings and calling for your business.

During this workshop, our experts will discuss:
• How to solve communication challenges facing organisations
• Tools available in Teams to support communication and collaboration
• The power of Cloud Calling as a replacement to your switchboard.  

Stay secure while working remotely with Microsoft 365

The workplace has changed dramatically in the past months - meetings are now virtual, projects are being rolled out remotely and emails are being replaced with instant messaging. With employees now carrying out every part of their working day online, it's never been more important to ensure your business is kept secure whilst doing so.

Watch our team in this consumer-friendly workshop that will help empower you to be more aware of cyberthreats and preventative measures. 

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Let us empower you to make the most of your technology investment.

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